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How do people do @Name ?

I feel like I'm missing something obvious here; there is no way people type it out like I do! Even complete newbies who never used this app do it. There are many names with foreign letters or unicode that I just can't type. So, what do you do? There must be a button!

7/2/2017 2:37:22 AM

Ahri Fox

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When we click on '3 dots' button of an answer, we get 'Copy Text' and 'Report'. In addition to them, we should get a 'Reply to' button, which when clicked, copies the name of author (for us to use) and sends a notification to that author.


if you are talking about code comments, @Name comes automatically when you reply someone.


@Vaibhav Sharma yes but it doesn't happen in Q&A, yet I see people do it anyway I typed your name!


@Mohamed Mohamedy I think its not possible to copy paste it through the mobile app. Also yes, I typed out your long name.


@Mohamed Mohamedy: The web version have a lot of lacks comparing to the app' version (android at least) and doesn't provide all app' features (as comment access on code playground, best answer and sort by date on discuss ^^ Web version also doesn't allow access to your code index list (or of others sololearners)... and courses or challenges ar forbiden (this last could be explained to avoid to much cheaters :P)...


we can expect Sololearn providing a better feature in the next update...............but first of all send a feedback


@calvin........great idea.......... really.........Sololearn should hire some of the people here


I think the reply button with previously written name will be fine


@Mohamed copy paste? really! @Ahir I usually change my keyboard when it comes to other foregn letters


Q&A should has a "click @name send to edit" option. @Ahri You can send feedback to Sololearn, propose this format:


Try using the alt code


@Ahri wrote: << I think its not possible to copy paste it through the mobile app. Also yes, I typed out your long name. >> Not possible in the mobile app, but copy link of discuss (share option) and switch into browser, paste link and go to the discuss... here you can easily copy username then switch back to Sololearn app' ;P


you also titled it, which is more time consuming πŸ˜πŸ˜‚


anyway I type names to do menthions too. im a complete newbie btw -never been here before-


when I saw this option "copy text", I thought for a second this would copy the poster name too 😁


@Chirag thanks. I would probably build it into more complete discussion app later with ReactJS and MongoDb api, would share to Code Playground when tested okay.. 😊


oh my gosh! I'm sorry guys, I just confused the whole thing 😌


@Mohamed Mohamedy (copied from Ahri's message) I copy from other message, and paste....


@visph, I'd uninstall the app and switch to the web version instead πŸ˜‚