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Intermediate Python Projects?

I'm starting to get confident with Python and I'm thinking of projects to do to practice my skills, can anyone recommend any projects I can do? I want to start working with data analysis, graphical user interfaces (GUI) and databases so any projects including any of them would be great! Thanks in advance! :)

6/30/2017 8:44:21 PM

Thomas John

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You might want to do a simple SQL database manager. A simple GUI, like tkinter, will be needed to initialize some buttons like "Add new record", "Edit" or "Delete". sqlite3 will be needed for SQLite manipulation. For data analysis you might include some numerical fields in the records (age, weight, height) and write a database summary (sum, min, max, mean, stddev, etc.). That will cover "data analysis". So, sounds like a project? ;)


Definitely PyCharm :)


I thought so, I've used it before and enjoyed it! Just wondering if there was any others you recommend! :)


That's incredibly helpful, it has all of the things I want to practise in one project! Do you recommend any IDE's for Python?