Chat thread for science lovers mainly branches of physics like astrophysics or quantum physics . | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Chat thread for science lovers mainly branches of physics like astrophysics or quantum physics .

So let's finally start a chat thread that just day deals with science . So start posting everything about science here. This will enhance your knowledge and that's nice I think so . You can even post your queries here. So I have even made a code here to make you aware about the vastness and creepiness of science . so Sololearners let's go curious .

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today's main news . IBM has made a computer chip that is 5nano-meter thick and thinner than a virus . I think it is one more step to next gen. computers


I love AI and I'm on a solo AI project now! how many of you are alike?


I know about those deathly gamma rays and GRB that happen in the space . But cosmic rays are more dangerous than that . 1fact :- A month ago the black hole of a galaxy was kicked out by its own star due to too many supernova . That energy was equivalent to trillions of Joules . This was seen by Hubble telescope . And ekansh if you are interested In cosmology like me I suggest you some books that I read earlier . Cosmos - Carl Sagan A brief history of time - Stephen Hawking The theory of everything The theory of relativity . These book are just amazing .


Have Look ↓


Anybody Loves Cosmology ?


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Have you ever heard of Area 51 . Probably yes I think . Have you ever thought "Is it really a existing place or just a part of conspiracy theories " . Yes ?? Read this :- Area 51 is the subject of a classic conspiracy theory. But where did the rumors come from? In November 1989, physicist Bob Lazar claimed to have worked at Area 51 on advanced flight technologies. Lazar said he worked on saucer-shaped spacecrafts that used anti-gravity to give them power, and that the technology was reverse-engineered from extraterrestrial technology. Later, it was discovered that Lazar lied about his MIT degree and may have never been hired to work on military intelligence at all. Some conspiracy theorists believe Lazar might have been a secret agent, planted to distract people from and misform them about the happenings at Area 51. The FBI released its files on Area 51 in August 2013. The files claim the government bought the land in 1955 to test secret spy planes and stealth bombers.


I am the biggest cosmology lover.


Today's news . A teenager built a AI not that can split rhythms like Kanye West .



i also like physics


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okay I suggest you an app . here's it - curiosity . Download it from app store or play store .



I would be in


(Someone said this) For those who do not understand Quantum Computing: As technology advances, the size of bits in computers decrease. As these bits approach subatomic particular size, they begin to exhibit Quantum mechanics (these bits are appropriately named Qubits). Imagine a computer searching through a four digit binary number. (E.g. 0000, 0001, 0010...1111). A normal computer would take 16 operations. However, a qubit can take the value of 0 or 1 or both, so you can simultaneously check all values of a digit at once, requiring only 4 operations. Hence, for an algorithm requiring N operations, a Quantum Computer would only need sqrt(N) operations, exponentially increasing the speed of a computer. Also, you can increase the efficiency further. Due to something known as an Observer Principle, the value of a qubit is undefined until you observe it. Which is to say, it is in all states simultaneously. But due to something called Quantum Entangling, a qubit maybe be entangled to another. Which means, you can accurately predict the value of another qubit. For example, you know a qubit has a value of 0. If you know the other entangled qubit is the opposite of the first, then you know the qubit has a value of 1. So far so good, but is a there a drawback? Imagine cracking a code, and searching through all the prime numbers. A normal computer would take years to crack it, but a Quantum Computer would take far less time (sqrt(N), remember?). If a company has confidential data, Quantum Computers can hack quickly. There is one way to avoid it; fight fire with fire. All countries could upgrade to Quantum Computers, but that would be very costly. Google and other large companies have almost developed a commercially viable Quantum Computers. In conclusion, whatever the future of computing may be, Quantum Computers are definitely involved. P.S. I may have gotten something wrong or incorrect. Please excuse me, I don't know a lot about Quantum Computers. 😅


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