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How to create a game based on the network multiplayer game?

using java and android platform

6/27/2017 7:13:26 AM

Hadi Mousavi

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Writing multiplayer network code is extremely complicated. Networked games use a client server model. The game engine runs on the server and each player uses client software to join the game. The server keeps track of each players location, stats, etc. The players client software displays their view of the game. This client server model applies for all types of networked games; puzzle games like noughts and crosses, card games such as bridge, board games like chess and of course 3d action games all the way up to mmorpgs. When the game is on a local network only it may not be neccesary to run a dedicated server, for example in minecraft you can open your world to the local network. However, if you want people to be able to log in over the internet then a dedicated server is usualy the most secure and reliable option. If you want to create games it may be better to use an existing game engine and concentrate on the game content. Wikipedea has a list of game engines, some of them free, at that may be of some use.


Think of a server like a sports centre. It provides the place to play the game. The client software is the customer. The client (customer) must contact the server (sports centre) to play the game.


There are many ways to get students involved with games. The things to consider are: 1. The age of the students. 2. The purpose of the game. Is the game just to amuse them, is it to give them problems to solve in the game (the students are users) or will the students be involved in creating the game (the students are developers)? 3. The IT literacy of the students. 4. The hardware available. 5. The time available or allocated to the project/lessons.


Thank you for answer, I want to create a game for students, but i don't understand concept of comunication between clients and server?


Game design is definately a team effort. You could use any of the freely available game engines instead of writing your own. You could then get the students to design the game concept, concept art and visual style, then assign tasks to groups of students such as sound effects creation, music, gui/interface design, model creation and animation.That way the students get involved without needing to write seriously advanced code.