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Best app or sites which learn programing

There are lots of sites and aoplications who learn their users how to code...but which one do you think is the best?? I was learning html and css from and i should say i prefer SoloLearn's courses.

6/26/2017 11:01:42 AM


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um u only say learn about programming. u never say courses about programming. its just like a chat group about programming so it doesnt really have courses but the thing i like is we can share knowledge (and i consider that as learning tbh)


best app? Discord. if u have a discord account join this server here u not only learn from one another but also make friends. cool eh? yes


@cheeze it doesn'have any courses about programming.dors it?!


For web development courses you can check its a great website for begginers and you can practice.


You can also try Khan Academy and Harvard's CS50 course on youtube other than that I think it's better not to stick with just one source explore more and find what you like. Happy Coding 😊


@shima from my own experience . is the best website to learn programming. you can also challenge any high level programmer .. ^°__°^


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