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Challanges on computer

I don't have any problem typing at computer. But I make mistakes in challenges many times for typing mistakes from my phone and these mistakes make me lose in challenges. I request to provide challanges from computer too. If there are others on sololearn who feel the same raise your voice please.

6/26/2017 7:26:22 AM


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I'd suggest you to not to raise your voice here, instead, suggest them at [email protected] or through the app. If your suggestion is worth it, they'd surely implement it :)


Have you ever heard about Bluestacks and other android emulators? Try it. And you will be able to solve challenges on desktop.


same thing happened to me also oftenly .


@Igor Makarsky... I need hyper-v enabled on my computer...that conflicts with Bluestacks...btw...I've bluestacks installed on my machine


I believe that the mobile feel is amazing