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Hi everybody, I just started learning python language few years ago. When I reached the "string" paragraph I decided to practice a bit, but every time I write something it gives me syntax error on this ">>>". For example, I saw that I can write a code like: >>> "Hi, I like cheesecakes!" But it gives me error pointing the 3 ">". Maybe it's a stupid error but I really don't know what to do. Can you help me please? Thank you :)

6/24/2017 5:20:07 PM

William JaySi (JaySi)

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It is a stupid error :) >>> means the default command prompt in interactive interpreters (the ones that execute lines at once when you press Enter). When editing a code in an editor or here in the Code Playground you don't write the >>> You rather write instructions and blocks of code and when executing, the code gets run at once - not after each line separately.


On the PC version most builds contain both types of interpreters, IDE and interactive. You'll be better off downloading one of the popular IDEs, like Eclipse, Atom or PyCharm. I myself recommend the last one:


Thank you for answering. Now I discovered that I also have to put the print function because instead it doesn't work. I downloaded the PC python version and I see that it works like the command prompt and not like a program in C++ (in fact I come from there :D), and it works like a sort of dialogue. The only thing I don't understand is why if on PC i write 7+3 it gives me 10, and if instead I write the same thing on this app it tells me "no output"? I think that the python version is the same (v3), isn't it? Or maybe it doesn't depend from it?


Thank you so much.


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