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My future project

Hello everybody! With you. Today, I want to tell you a little about my future and one of the latest projects. Last for these 7-9 days. Do not worry about #FUN_HOMSTER. All is well. Last because it is necessary to continue to advance in the study with C ++. I have studied functions, variables and much more. During these 2 weeks, I will study the Classes and their features. But about the project. Tomorrow morning I will put it in. It will be a surprise. A little spam tomorrow :D. The project will good.

6/23/2017 6:48:58 PM


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I'm waiting for your code 😀 Good luck!


C++ is great! Good luck to you!



Ohh... Here guys...




Agree, in solololearn a little bad compiler. He asks to input for a number BEFORE the beginning of the program. It's a bit of a bite. In a few minutes, I will drop the program and DETAIL description of the instruction.