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Best tutorial for game dev ?

2d platformer game

6/23/2017 1:27:31 PM

Patrick Estaron Magayon

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0 ^Good place to start. Read through those, and the other, tutorials. You can easily make a good 2D game with that engine / tutorials.



is it for free ?


Yes. Unity is free, as well as their tutorials. ^Here are two FULL PROJECTS that they created to help teach 2D games. Also free.


thanks ,gonna try it soon


No problem at all Patrick. This engine supports 3D also (if you ever go in that direction), and supports all of the major platforms (including mobile), so you can make your games for nearly anything through this engine. I recommend that you begin by reading their tutorial on how their IDE operates, very useful. Best of luck to you!


thanks for the help :)


By the way, Unity's scripting uses C#, so if you don't already know it, I would recommend that you read the C# course on this website. It also supports JavaScript with its scripting engine, so if you already know that you can use it instead of C#. However, the community seems to focus more around C#, so you may find more help if you're using that language for it.


i find it comfortable using c#