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Does winning quizzes on SoloLearn makes you genius?

I wonder if winning quizzes makes us smart. I don't think so, I have seen many users with so many losses but beautiful codes. I too personally feel this that I am not very good in HTML but win almost all quizzes.

6/19/2017 4:46:48 PM

Pravin Pandey

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We can revise the course in short time


Right pandey


Depends on what level of 'genius' is in context. It doesn't take a lot of work to win challenges, yet it doesn't mean much if you lose. One of the best C++ programmers I know here lost more challenges than I can count, and yet he is better (or at least has years more experience) than me at C++ programming.


It just shows who has the better memory that's all. Anyone can memorise answers.


No. It just means it have a good memory. Most of the quizzes are repeated so, the pro challengers out there (I'm not mentioning names) probably know the answers to most of them without actually thinking. Even I, who has done less than 150 challenges still have the answers to most HTML challenges memorized.


Genius? Maybe not. But you will learn some stuff




Well said. @Gavin


Revision is good but first we need to understand the structure. If you have good grasping power then you can go with the flow. @Ehtesham


Same here @Leigh


Obviously only some stuff...