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Moderator related questions ↓

1) Who was the first moderator ? 2) Who is moderator with least posts ? Ask more moderator Related Question in this post and Answer them.

6/19/2017 3:43:38 PM


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1) Hatsy Rei, Luka, Ahri Fox, Tashi N are the first set of moderators.


ValentinHacker is also among the first set of mods. Aaaand probs Kamil too.


Who become a moderator in the lowest amount of time?


Sonic Nikolay hasn't been active for a while but is still a mod. Deepak left due to reasons i do not know 🤷


what is moderator


I was certainly within the first "set" but I consider myself among the later of those, Tashi too? What I mean by that is we all got emails roughly around the same time, but still hadn't accepted at the same time. I think to truly find out who accepted first, someone would need to dig around Code Heaven discord, as that was the first mod meeting place. Specifically, you'd need to search for mentions of the mod email and who mentioned it first.


@Toby Definition of moderator: an arbitrator or mediator. (noun)


@Ekansh kashyap Got it , and how one can become moderator




@Tory here are some of them