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Suggest what you want in next update of Sololearn #I want more languages #I want challenges not like Sololearn but If language is html solo should ask for make a song website, make table in different formats, make rectangles with different colors and many

6/18/2017 6:11:31 PM

Ehtesham Ali

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1. As i already wrote: 》i'd like to see a feature to work together without use 3rd part apps, something like a "Group Project", you can send a request to someone and work together in a new Sololearn project.γ€Š 2. Javascript Framework courses (maybe a Firebase course made by @burey for Sololearn, would be great eheheheh) 3. A Panda 4. Feature to split the codes in "Private" and "Public" with the relative tabs to switch between the elements. 5. Feature to insert pictures in the posts/comments, but i know Sololearn might has some problem with the servers for that, so... at least the possibility to insert the code in a specific "Box" like StackOverflow, it's really uncomfortable read the whole code in a single thread. 6. Short biography and a Cover photo, would be cool but not necessary at all, this is not a Social Network. 7. A way to prevent spam and duplicates:


I want more badges for good codes


1.i would like more advanced levels of each course not just the basics 2. more languages ,platforms ,frameworks 3.explanations on challenges or at least allow question's text to be copied so we can copy and paste in the playground ,knowing where did we go wrong optional link for each user's email with a blocking feature so we can have private messages


I want better IDEs it helps A LOOOOOT in: python (it has better stuff) Java C++ C# Basically anything except web and PHP


I would like to use swift in the playground.


iOS app and better input for codes... Exe or Vbs extention courses would be nice too...


1 Changing the input system for none web code 2 adding some old languages like C or ASM (it is a good thing to know where C#, Java and all the up-to-date languages come from) 3 Adding some official contests like this one : It was a nice thing, with a theme and all (maybe the theme was too restrictive though) 4 Speeding up the quiz factory to give an answer to a submission 5 Adding an algorithm course, with data structures as they are a major part of the programming field


~I would like to have a direct chat feature ~SQL challenges and code playground ~CSS challenges ~An advanced course for each language as well as the basics ~More badges e.g. When you have a good ranking on the leader board


A chat / forum feature in challenge results view (for unique question) as I still get supprised by some answers (how is that the correct answer) and I'm too lazy too investigate by myself. :)


multiple input prompts in code playground ( at different intervals during code execution ) would make a huge difference.