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Tips to get your quizzes approved in Quiz Factory!

Do not submit quizzes: * which are too general or too specific like "When is Ruby created?" etc,. * which involve too long or too complex codes. * based on concepts not covered in courses. * based on special cases in a language. * of "Fill the Blanks" type with 5+ blanks. * of "Guess Output" type with hard-to-access symbols or blank spaces in answer. Before submitting, make sure that: * many similar questions are not already available. * there are no spelling errors etc,. * you chose the correct answer.

6/16/2017 6:04:56 AM

Krishna Teja Yeluripati

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Good list, but for number 3, I have seen plenty of quizzes with stuff not covered in the courses.


All conditions are matching to my pending Quizzes. Hope they will approve. <!--Edited--> One of them declined to community downvotes 😥.


Thanks for that; I get mine declined every time😂


unsure if this been said here: • indent your quiz codes properly • case sensitive matters (at least for the currently available languages)


not talking about the filling out blank parts but the "guess the output" where the entire code ia given many codes i have seen had spelling mistakes or upper letters for functions that should be entirely lower cased


Just so you know, comments are NOT written by quiz reviewers, but by SoloLearn. Reviewers, like me, only have a simple "go-no go" option. The most apparent reason is that the question (or a similar one) already exists in the pool, is too easy/too hard or beyond the scope of the course.


I suggested some questions....But They declined due to community down votes....I wonder why they declined...Thanks for tips @krishna Teja


How long do they take to approve quizzes?


Thanks for the tips 👍 I will try in the future


yup Amrit...those are the ones :/ that just ain't right....


pro tip with the introduction of the new user lessons section (currently in beta) you can get quiz ideas from the submitted lessons ;)


I agree with all of them, but especially #6. It is way too hard to do a fill in the blank when It has an or symbol or something like that. Also the last 3 should always be done, they make it extremely annoying when questions not proofread make it in


Good tips @Krishna Thanks! Is there any way to see what quizzes have been submitted already other than going through them one at a time? And @Jakub how can you tell who wrote a quiz? 🙃


There are many quizes that is not covered in the course.



@Burey Isn't it that the letter case gets forcefully casted to lower() by the quiz checker? At least for the 'fill in the blanks' part...


melih melik sonmez same here 😭


Uhmm....Thanks for your help, will Improve on that


I agree to 2nd point. Too long or complex code irritates when there is a time limit. On the other hand I love solving complex problems but obviously without time limit ;)


good list Krishna Teja sir