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How do you stay motivated

Learning a certain program can be hard and frustrating. Sometimes I feel like giving up, how do you stay motivated in your studies of a certain program?

6/14/2017 6:09:56 PM

David Guillaume

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Look at the more advanced programmers here. They all started somewhere, now they're one some of the best. Let that motivate you to become like them, and even better. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions about anything you're stuck on. GoodLuck 👍


make yourself little goals you want to achieve and the whole thing will become easier trust me :)


I personally enjoy coding and won't stop. We all get frustrated sometimes but we'll find a solution to our problem(s). If you truly like to code and aren't being required to then you should just always be motivated. If you are just getting bored reading the documentations(Not sololearn) then try something different, check out youtube videos on languages or try to code random fun programs for yourself.


Learn to not need motivation, it's called discipline. Maybe make a learning schedule and stick to it.


try to to do it together with others, I find that supporting each other makes the experience much less frustrating then doing everything on your own :)


believe in yourself, think positive, do what ever you want and like the most. KEEP CALM and Learn always. don't give up at any prblm it will become more easy when u think it that way. happy learning


Work on coding for three days in a row and then go for three weeks and then months. At this point it should become a habit