Every programmer have:_____________??? | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Every programmer have:_____________???


6/13/2017 8:41:15 AM

Fatihullah Noory

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follow this for success 1: you will need a functioning brain 2: at least 1 working eye ball 3: A hand or hands dosent really matter as long as theres a finger at the end that functions 4: sololearn for basics 5: a shoulder to cry on mummys shoulder is always best! 6: start drinking coffee 7: eat drink code repeat 8: never sleep programmers are capable of programming there minds to never sleep 9: achieve zombie mode 10: become a pro programmer your welcome! system error: message ( "user died shortly after this review please dont follow his actions as it can cause fatalities") 👍




a cute dog 🐕



a coffe, a pencil and a block!


yeah, drinking coffee and then zombie mode I have fulfilled yet.


tricky mind


optimistic and opened mind :-)


mechanical keyboard :v


a cute cat 🐱 and... a computer😁


At the time of this writing, the entire question reads: "Every programmer have???" and has two upvotes. What does this question mean? Is this the complete question?


are you a programmer? i have a problem in my computer... 😂