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Where and when can we need to use Python ?

Hello, I oppened this topic to share the uses of Python nowadays and to keep beeing updated by sharing this domains between us. Personnaly I used Python in back-end and web programming, AI and machine learning. And you ?

6/13/2017 12:23:38 AM

Amine M. Boulouma

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My usage is determined by the setup of my work environment. Most of our stuff is Java, but I still make good use of python. Recently I've been using it for quick visualization of some preliminary calculations for my current project, as well as a demonstration of "windowing" in the Fourier Transform for a friend who needs to expand his comfort with those concepts. I find it very useful for things like that, but then I come from a heavily number crunching background, so I'm more inclined toward complied languages. I'm rather curious to see the other answers.


prototyping, canning things neatly into scripts, writing serious apps that others in the office depend on as long as we believe maintenance and upkeep of the apps will not become a nightmare due to Python. may be we'd write larger apps given type annotations can be used with pydantic and such. personally, to play around with machine learning and co, playing around with tick data, to launch simple web server in the current directory for file sharing with others at home.