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Algorithms length?

I am not very good at writing Algos, although I am able to perform above average in coding part.... so my question is how much steps should I write as compared to the actual code in an algorithm? also should I write key statements like "front=(front +1)%maxsize;" in case of circular queue in data Data structure or "for(int initialization; condition;i++)" for loop conditions?

6/11/2017 4:18:36 AM

Gaurav Sukhatme

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Algorithms are used to explain ur program in easier way, there is no max/min limits for the step n for the statements like control, as in case "for" u can write like "repeat the step through this to this" until a conditions is true.... Ok😁😀😎.


algos are for your own help. you need to write algos to understand what you want to achieve. no restriction on max/min steps.


ohh, that's how it is😅 Thank you miss


😂😂😂 no problem