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Python project ideas

Does anyone have an interesting project idea for Python? mark your answer with [beginner],[intermediate] and [advanced] please :P

6/10/2017 1:32:14 PM


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Well thats a good idea :P Thanks for your post!


beginner=" Calculator- Number Guessing Game- Project Idea Script- Lottery Number Generator- Prime Number checker- Password Generator".split("-") print("\nBeginner Ideas:") for i in beginner: print(i) intermediate=" Hangman- BlackJack- Text Adventure- Tic Tac Toe- File Sorter-".split("-") print("\nIntermediate Ideas:") for i in intermediate: print(i) advanced=" Download Manager- WebCrawler- Media Player- Python IDE- Operating System".split("-") print("\nAdvanced Ideas:") for i in advanced: print(i) See what I did there? I turned your need for ideas into a Python script. That is what ideas are. They are you finding something, anything that needs to be coded and coding it. I highly recommend you start a Project Idea script that will allow you to not only get random ideas, but also add new ideas and save them to text files with descriptions.


hey check this out