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Which is most important hardware or software ?

let’s open it up to me: what is more important: hardware or software?

6/10/2017 9:20:49 AM


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absolutely correct Serena😊


Both are equally important. Hardware is needed for testing the software on the other hand most of the software are developed keeping hardware in view.


Both have equally necessary because without hardware you cannot even create software let alone running it and on the other hand without software what would you possibly do with the hardware let alone improving it or doing something else. In my opinion both have equal importance.


Both are important. Say u have hardware as required but no software to run on you pc or u have all softwares as required but no hardware like keyboard, so how will you type. So both are equally important


Both are quite important, without one the other cannot exist.


that's like asking whether brain or heart is more important. You can't live with neither of them.


Both... If u can write aperfect code on a Bad-quality Hardware then the code will works Bad and if u have the best Hardware and stupid programmes in it then u get the same Result


the hardware breaks down/becomes obsolete. software logic (ideas) is forever


Software, for instance you can run a java program on all hardware. It can be a mainframe, or a mobile device, and everything in between.


Ask yourself this question then: do you use sololearn because you like the hardware it uses?


They are equally important.You cannot make your device run without either of two.