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How do you promote your codes?

How do you promote your codes? Do you usualy post them in the Q/A section, and is it OK to do so? I am just wondering because I would be glad to share some interesting ones. Thanks!

6/9/2017 1:38:40 PM

Aibek T.

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You should not promote every of your codes. Doing so, would make the Q&A discussions a place only for code promotion. It's ok if your code is "awesome". If you think your code is better than that word, you can surely post it within a question. But not every code needs to be promoted like that... There are many code posts available, go and promote there in the posts such as Pixies's "non-web codes need love too." or the likestorm thread. There's another option, you can post your codes with the achievements you the trend nowadays to post a code with an achievement otherwise no cookies for ya. :D


Dont worry Aibek. I've seen very complex codes on SL with 10 upvotes while a simple "Hello World" program could have a 50 upvotes. It is sad that people choose to do it. Just remember that upvotes dont define how good a code is in a social platfrom like Sololearn. Best of luck on your future codes and you always expect my support ☺


yeah u can post them in Q/A discussion..... in my case i hv promoted my non-web codes once here ->


I share my Codes in Q/A only if someone needs help, but not just to get Likes on it. And I think thats OK to Set ist in the q/a section but not to make advertising but if you needs help by it ist Ok.


😀😀😀👍👍👍 ok but don't post all your codes......also listen to what dayve says.....else will be full of advertising Q/A s .......


I like a few others I post some of my codes on landmark posts, as well as post in the non web webcodes thread.


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