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Is anyone on codewars? This thing is amazing! I've completed 3 katas so far and thoughy I'd share it with you code blooded fanatics. You'll have to see and do a few challanges. Then let me know what you think. It can help you become a better coder because after completing a challange, you can compare your solution to other professionals and learn a few things here and there along the way. Peace!

6/6/2017 8:33:36 PM

Emir Memic

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have you tried ?


never heard of it. will take a look later. Do you like it? how does it differ from CW in your opinion?


very nice. i signed up and like it already. thanks

+3 please read the content creation guidelines again. this is against the following: "Posts that focus on the promotion of a product or service."


codewars has more potential for programmers' skills development hackerrank is a good place to apply your logic solving challenges in your favourite language


i actually started with simple maths problems the handshake problem though common is really nice the grid of paper and soldiers also


@Mario L. challenges actually help you consolidate your skills this post is complementary to sololearn's infrastructure until the time comes when sololearn will introduce algorithms