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Why are you studying programming? Why not studying business or other than that?

6/6/2017 9:41:27 AM

Jayson Ondiano

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studying business? sounds pretty boring to me.


Programming is one of my skills, and I want to convert this skills into talent. That's the reason why I'm studying this.


I started with a business career, switched to programming and now I am back into programming after approximately 30 years absence from programming world. However it changed a lot, the logic is still the same as the syntaxis only changes in the different languages, but that's more a copyright issue. You never know where your programming will lead you nor even a study in Business Management. Just keep in mind, that as the world gets digitized more and more by the hour, you notice that you never are up to date and need to study continuesly. This is the only true fact of the programmer, just the same as for a medical degree. You need to stay on top of it, if you like it or not. To you all who are at the beginning of their professional career, make your decisions wisely and carefully. I greet you all and wish you all the biggest success you can dream off but it won't come easy nor free......πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘βœ‹


Cos Web designing is my talent


if you study programming in college you will have a few business classes mixed in so you know how to run a business once you create the new Microsoft ;)


eww business, never ever, I study programming because it interests me and because I always wanted to find out deeper stuff about computers


programming is more on logic. and thats my problem. i'm not good in logic.😭😭