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Hello, in particular to python: how much of the content supplied on this valuable in regards to the working world? & saying that, how much am I missing by not working in a company where I do python all day? Any information would be brilliant. Thanks a lot, Ian.

6/5/2017 11:24:43 AM

Ian Saul

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SoloLearn's course on Python (and other languages) is like a beginner tutorial. It can give you a good grasp of the basics, but most of the skill comes from applying that knowledge. While languages matter, a lot of coding is based on the same kind of logic that you can only learn by practicing writing a lot of code. I suggest reading a few more tutorials on the internet (I recommend Dive Into Python and Learn Python The Hard Way) and then coming up with some ideas for projects.


ian , you will learn a lot from solo learn but to become an expert , I will reccomend doing a professional course to strengthen your knowledge . what is taught at solo learn is the fundamentals . as for working in a company with python , well it is based on if you are enthusiastic about python not what you're missing out on