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Night mode

Can anyone help to put a night mode switch on a website?

6/3/2017 5:09:54 AM

Jean-Erolle Remy

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Krishna, I don't think he meant that he wants the night mode on SoloLearn website. I think he wants to put that feature on his own project.


I don't think Sololearn is planning on modifying the website. New features are being introduced to the app only.



You can use Chrome plugin called Stylish (to change a look of any web-site). It has some already made styles for popular sites (don't know yet if there is already a style for sololearn) and you can make your own with a little knowledge of CSS. I think it could have versions for Mozilla Firefox too, but not sure. So white background doesn't burn my eyes too often at nights after I have installed the Stylish plugin. Update: oh, sorry just read your last reply. I'll left my message anyway, ok? And to make a night switch you just have to write Javascript code which would change styles (CSS) for a page (may be load another external .css file)... I was going to implement one example here (in code playground and without loading .css files 'cause it's impossible/not an option here), If I'll finish it, I'll let you know.


i mean coding a night mode switch on your own web