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How can I improve my coding skill?

6/1/2017 10:25:49 PM


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1. Practice, write a program related to your favourite things (anime, film, tv series...) 2. Here some websites to test your coding skills, don't worry about difficulty of each one, feel free to use Google to help you: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 3. Practice, seriously, practice is the best way to learn. Good luck! :)


Great job @Maz. Bookmarking thread for further reference.


wow wow //so many sites for practice ... don't ur eyes get fully red when u sit in front of screen for long hours


I personally try to accept challenges even from those who are more advanced than me. This helps me to retain what I have, speed up my recognition of what is before me, and determine where I need to do more work. This community based system helps a lot. :)


I think the key is to remain interested. Coding is easy but it could get really wearisome if you're not doing it out of passion. So always try to feed off of small wins. when you learn how to implement a seemingly small functionality, reward yourself for that and be happy for it. Then go back down to try and see how your small win contributes to the bigger picture. this may help you stay interested and grow at a steady pace.


Definitely practice is the way to go. Nice references @Maz


Try Kita in, it will train you to write better codes.


Great, @Maz, thank you very much! 💞😄 Useful links👍


Practice try making hard codes if u paused go ask and ull gain more experience (DONT GIVE UP EVER!)




Come and join the fun of coding challenges on Sololearn in this thread:


Thank you.


nice bookmark @maz


I use Codewars. I like it but it doesn't allow me to have multiple challenges at the same time. So if I'm stuck on a challenge, I can't do another one without skipping the current one. Maybe there's a way to get around this problem that I'm not aware of.


I think practise is the best way


Nice post @Maz! 💾


Pick an app that interests you and you would like to be able to develope it.. Then code each module of the app separately starting with what is required first..Doing this will not only help you know how to code but it will also give you a wider perspective of how your code should flow,from module to module


Effort of my practice:


@maz thanks.


thank you very much @Maz..but you should of given us some room there...could get kind of frustrating mis-tabing links on mobiles sololearn doesn't have the high-lights you know like when you actually kind of hold down on a link it would be high-lighted in that way you would know what you're tabbing