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Visual Preference of Language: What's yours?

So, my first foray into programming was C++ (this ended in failure as I learned very little). And now, years later I'm in C# actually learning and doing (Unity 5 - have a working character controller made from scratch). But I (somehow) still prefer the C++ layout... which I find odd because so many people call it an ugly language. I suspect some sort of imprinting has taken place. So this got me thinking: am I alone in this view? What language do you prefer looking at; and is it related to your first learned programming language?

8/24/2016 7:53:35 AM


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I first learned Java when I was in my first year of college. It is the 1st programming langauge being thought in our school for the Information Technology program. Actually, I've joined competitions and got some school recognitions for programming using Java. Then, the following year, C# came. Although I've been recognized for Java, I still found C# to be much more simplified. The Visual Studio IDE, the .NET Framework are good support for programmers who are using C# compared to the IDEs used for Java. It also feels that what Java can do, also applies for C#. For me, focusing on C# and leaving Java is something I'll never regret :) And I believe , someday, C# will surpass Java.


C++ is an extremly powerful language yet is not at all recommended as a first language because it assumes the user knows what he is doing in which case most likely false for a new programer, I my self, prefer c# since it supports all platforms and very easy to learn, a recommended first language as well, the only I think that suuports mobile platforms for cross platform code beside c++