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Just wokeup , open sololearn.

how many of you open sololearn just after you wake up? atleast i do that these days :)

5/29/2017 12:57:13 AM

manoj katari

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woke up and open sololearn and see that I have got +5xp 😁 everyday.


me. Coffee and about 40 challenges for breakfast 😃



me too....🙌 before coffee....☕ 😄😄😄


ooh me also from 2days


Me. After I wake up, opens sololearn You have challenges from ..... Completes them Goes to have a shower. Does challenges while putting on my uniform. Eats breakfast. Goes to school. On 30 minute bus journey and before assembly, learns languages or plays games. Whips out phone during recess or lunch, sometimes i skip lunch for Sololearn. Return journey, again 30 minutes of sololearn. When my mum makes me do errands, does Sololearn. Before going to sleep, sololearn. Thus the 3 big things I do on average: Sleep Study Sololearn



I wake up at 4 am and open SoloLearn at 5 am.


addiction to passion now :)


Student life limits me in that. Currently... But Summer is coming up...



when u guys wake up in early morning??


I am at 9 am


@Nikolay wow. I also open SoloLearn first but can't challenge. You know that, mine is a student life