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How can i delete my account? (Can i?)

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5/28/2017 4:41:20 AM


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To close your account, please send a request to [email protected] from the email associated with your account. We will then process your request Source:


i justwant to delete my account ...



How can I delete my account from sololearn?


How can I to delete my SoloLearn account?



Please delete this account of SoloLearn uldeenshams608


It'd be easier to just add an account deletion option in Settings instead of users having to email staff/mods/admins just to delete it D:


Please delete my first account of level 5


You can't delete your account yourself.


Just keep it because it is a good source to come back to I mean if you forget something then you can come back because you need to know the basics


Shameful. I just met a bug in functions, for python. A simple code with : def, print, else, everything wrote right but bugged, not passing. So I will not learn from sites as these(Codecademy included for a silly easy Java code), there's no excuses. Just wipe me, without confirm, I'm rude after all(I know all the strings attached and I don't care | Respect EU laws).