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Coordinates, the beginning of an answer.

Hello, I've been pondering an question about geometry for a bit, and I've taken the first steps toward an answer. I've posted the first bit of calculations in the playground in case they're useful to anyone. Oh, don't tell me the answer if you get more energetic than I am about braving the interface to extend this code!

5/28/2017 1:41:04 AM


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V2.0 exists, I've rewritten it to display both sets of coordinates for comparison (in the hopes that it explains a bit better what I was initially after). The average distance part I'll do separately, since this part seems odd interest in and of itself. Thank you for the encouragement!


Ok, in case I haven't bored everyone yet, I've gone and done the calculation I was pondering when this whole thing began with this sanity check/proof of concept.


Oh, thank you! I've realized that the problem I actually need to solve doesn't need the average I was planning to calculate. I'll still write up some better comments and continue with the problem, it's an interesting question in and of itself. (Plus, if it's not as work connected. less time pressure so I can try to be good about goods practices).


Thanks, will be interested to see updates.