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Should creators be asked their own questions during a challenge?

I personally don't really care, but if you play a newbie especially in the period after new quizzes are introduced it seems a bit unfair...

5/27/2017 7:47:52 PM

Nikolay Nachev

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Brainstorm the calculator program could also be put up on the page, so that players could see the percentages that would be against them and give them some kind of an idea of how they would Stack Up. By the way I'm glad that they give you the answer if you don't get it right now.


I would think that the total number of quizzes that are shuffled through would determine this debate but, never having taken time to attempt to find out would be most unfair. Someone in development should build a calculator program that could do some maths, and Maybe a conditional statement that says if player equals author null, else another player. Or possibly some iteration. Something to find out if the person that is in the quiz, is actually the author of the quiz. But, I would do some maths on a simple calculator first then take a look at the percentages. If the numbers are high enough and the random generator is truly random, it shouldn't make a difference.


Let exclude their own questions


no, they shouldn't. the creator themself don't expect to see their own question. Sololearn should improve the Challenge system.


They shouldn't.


Ye, it is a bit unfair if your question will make difference in winner , however we can consider it a good luck. After all it won't happen very often.


Yes, this would be unfair for the competitor who may be new to programming/marking-up/scripting, but since it is a competition, if the question is just based on the course, it is just fair if the competitor has sincerely completed the courses.