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Go solo

being an electronics girl it'sā€‹ difficult to learn all computer language at a time but solo learn is very helpful to those who want to learn computer programming with little knowledge of basics

5/25/2017 6:49:37 AM

Rajyalakshmi Reddy

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Even I, as a self-sustaining robot equipped with AI accelerators, face difficulties in learning all the languages and blending into the programming community which is mainly dominated by the human race. Stay strong and don't give up. SoloLearn is hope.


I am science students , in class 11th. But opted computer science as a optional subject. Firstly python seems to be hard to me. But when I downloaded solo learn. I started to enjoy and it seems to be easy (but still hard working for more improvement) Multi language options is great and options for coding and badges all are good. #Incredible solo learn


Enjoy your Sololearn journey ā˜‰šŸž


sounds Gud, I am not alone in this computer buddies world šŸ˜‡


I cannot say I'm electronics yet... but a boy:) . And I myself find it difficult too to learn them all together. Some say it is better to learn the languages one by one. But my instrest is to strong to stick to one single language. I'm afraid wanting to learn them all will take us longer...anyhow, let's enjoy the journey.


yup!! but i'm electronics girl too so its better if you just learn 2/1 Programming Languages .ā˜ŗ


i'm from electrical branch and i wanted to learn prgraming so i went through many pdfs and tutorials online. Thought it was difficult to learn programming and fortunately i landed onto sololearn which makes the learning easier and funnier by competitive challenges amd son on. now i know all basics of java and i can even read codes. going solo is great!