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School Vs SoloLearn

In school, everyone talks about subjects. He is good at this, she is good at that, bla.bla.bla... . But what at SoloLearn? Here everyone talks about programming languages. What's the main difference? In school we have to study all the subjects till 10th but in this world of programming, there is no such thing. We can migrate from one language to another anytime and we are absolutely free to choose our language. What do you think about this? Your opinions will be highly appreciated

5/21/2017 4:53:25 AM

Siddharth Saraf

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The freedom to learn what I want for me. I like learning useful things such as math, science, and programming. To me it is fine to learn it at school or by yourself. I am all for results, so what ever works. School makes sure what you learn is structured. It may be a cookie cutter approach but, Students get projects, they are graded, they are spured to get results every step of the way with a predefined path. Students have access to teachers and or experience proffessors that can help acellerate a students learning cerb. In the end there are both pros and cons to school and learning by yourself. The choice is up to each person to reason on what they believe is best. - Ps this is not advice. Or to be taken seriously


In schools ,our challengers are visible. In solo learn you can choose as many programming languages and can pursue. Also you get certificate ,but Alas! These certificate are not valid but if we completed this in school,Then we get huge benefit. Also we get many badges here and in schools too.


Freedom is good! But it is the same as school here in some regards. Some work hard, others just coast along on the shoulders of others. As a famous Australian criminal once said just before he was hung for his crimes. Such is life.


School is a group learning system with fix schedule. Sololearn is individual learning system with no schedule.


@manual , right