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Who know ASP .NET? (Web application)

I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and C# but I don't know how to work together in visual studio working with SQl server (I know SQl commands)?? any web page to learn??

5/19/2017 6:17:53 PM

Ivan Barros

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You have two options here. You can either create an entity framework, bind the data to your front code with <%# Eval(or Bind, google the difference)("YourEntityField" %> in a listview, gridview and so on. You then have to bind the entity framework to your code behind like this: private Entities _db; protected void page_load (...) _db = new Entities(); your_listview.DataSource =_db; your_listview.DataBind(); ... or you can work with sql commands directly, but you still need to consider that you have to script EVERY SINGLE little command while the entity framework does a lot of the job for you. I THINK it looks something like using (YourSQLServer sql = new SQLCONNECTION()) { YOUR COMMANDS IN SQL } hope this helps


Check out the 'Entity Framework'. It makes it really easy to connect and bind data from your DB to your Web-Project.