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in wich laguage can WE write a good virus

5/18/2017 7:05:47 PM

Mamadou lamine bah

10 Answers

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you can learn something about penetration testing from kali linux! start learning C


Why would you want to build destructive code? Just from an ethical standpoint.


You should not ask that here. Why do you want to make a virus anyway?


@Luka Do you know if computers normaly have the runtime to use C#?


@Luka What makes windows users easy targets? Also what makes Java a bad choice?


C is a good place to start as it allows for the widest use of functions and can be used to access the boot loader and other system critical services, files and folders. although putting effort into creating an antivirus would be a better use of time and would provide a greater insight into the coding and inner workings of a computer virus


@Luka Thank you, for answering. It makes sense especialy the about having java jre installed.


the best OS for learn Hack with network is "Kali Linux"


thinx for answers


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