anybody can tell me that Sololearn will start the advanced level of javascript or not?

5/18/2017 6:35:06 PM

Sony Hossain

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I don't know, but you could ask SoloLearn via email to info@sololearn.com.


You're welcome ^^


Waiting for the advanced level of javascript!!


@tashi thanks..


Ya @tashi is right


I think js course is ok now,but... I realy want to see here some libriaries or frameworks.


you might want to check laracast, jeff teaches Vuejs which is an awesome javascript framework. You'll surely love it.


@Clint Francis Entorum I'm not native Eng...I mean...I'm not Eng at all :D And even if I can search some films or youtubers speaking eng , with learning it's much harder then on my native language :)