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I know that I can use Notepad for HTML programs, but what if i want to have CSS and JS with the program. Please suggest a code playground or web page programming soft ware.

5/18/2017 4:48:40 PM

Donvito Cortese

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ok thx to all of you ill test them


still Notepad. or Notepad++, sublime, brackets... I think eclipse and NetBeans can also be used for web languages.


Dreamweaver is also very popular for web development projects along with above mentioned like netbeans & eclipse etc.


Brackets, you need to try it! 😁


You can still use Notepad (or better Notepad++). I suggest Brackets for front-end development (html, css, js) because of the live preview feature.


https://jsfiddle.net https://jsbin.com/? https://codepen.io