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How to create RAT trojan virus with python

5/18/2017 10:51:20 AM

Tarun Jain

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You should be more specific with your question. If you want examples of python source code when it comes to things such as RATs or trojan-like programs, many of these can be found on youtube and facebook pages. I suggest, however, that you avoid being a basic script-kiddie, and to instead study the logic and strategies implemented by the authors of such programs. Basic/blunt questions like "how to make a virus" are not seen in a kind light here. It would be fair for one to assume that you're a beginner programmer that isn't interested in actually learning for the benefit of having the knowledge, and would instead prefer to just use others' code to do dirty things. If the hacker portion of computing is your prime focus/interest, I suggest that you take your questions to the Rapid7 community threads. But if you're simply wanting source code and have no knowledge, etc... they'll likely tell you to kick rocks as well. Kiddie-scriptors aren't seen in a kind light, anywhere.


Why does everyone wants to create a RAT, BOTNETS and Trojans without learning any programming language , ok my best advice is before you make any virus, learn Python first before you take your course on Hacking stuff. FYI : SL is not a hackers forum but a place for learning web and programming languages


Don't, no one will help you here, I've made my own virus without help. So try it yourself


I was a lil kid once to and thought hacking was the whole pie... back in my habbo days and my flash games all I wanted was to be a hacker. even started my own group BlackHatCoders(BHC) had lil kids earning there rank as I sent them out on bs missions. If that's what your looking for or for someone to help you with viruses then here you go I give u ... but beware It got me to learn basicly nothing and I got away from coding to drugs and didn't get into real coding for a very long time. so I could of started my programming nd Web design journey ata a legendary young age and had a banging job rn but instead I have no real home, no car, and a piece a shit android phone that I only can use with wifi to use as phone and watch tv and oh yeah code with limitations ... slaving my ass off to learn every framework, and library wishing they had a android ide that allowed me to make a gui program. I've learned a handful of programming languages and what I call the big 3 for Web Design. I feel I'm ready for a coding job and want to learn everything. I mean let's get real every coding job I find online pays big bucks I'm talking 100 k salary nd that's the low end. so idk doing ur kiddie scripting over learning something that'll legit change ur life nd how you think about the world and get you a real career. ITS COMMON SCENSE THAT I DIDNT GET WHEN I WAS YOUNG DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE! {10011101}~, C <('o'<) DeX


i will manage


yeah I'm new to sl... I was starting to get the vibe of short nd sweet. thx for the advice



@tarunjain check out like I mentioned above in my rant.


rofl you should see the one on java first programs I went ham on explaining how to make a Texas Holdem Poker game



I am ready




If you use a rat use it on these scammers syskeying naive people for hundreds of dollars. Also stop using Script Kiddies, your just trying to degrade people. Guide, lead not insult.