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Kotlin on Android. Now official, your thoughts?

Friends post your thought regarding this, is it a good thing or not necessarily. source: blog.jetbrains.com

5/18/2017 2:53:58 AM

Ram chandra Giri

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i think i'm in love 😍 https://try.kotlinlang.org/#/Examples/Canvas/Fancy%20lines/Fancy%20lines.kt


if u want Kotlin course on SoloLearn like this comment..!!😋


So, this is a bad news for some of the Java-Android developers! But not to the freshers in Android programming ;) Kotlin is much better than Java with regards to speed, simplicity and security. It supports all the previous Java frameworks, libraries and has a lot more simpler syntax than Java. Developed by one of the greatest MNCs like jetbrains, it becomes a perfect choice for Android apps development... confused in between Java or Kotlin? Check out this wonderful tutorial by Octsky at Medium : https://medium.com/@octskyward/why-kotlin-is-my-next-programming-language-c25c001e26e3 Wish SoloLearn implements Kotlin as an official Android Course :]


Being a programmer means learning all the time. Things keep changing 😂😂😂


kotlin should be on sololearn


Kotlin = Java + JavaScript


Kotlin Looks cool... But i love java too😓 Is it necessary for everyone to change to kotlin?😞 I can change to it but i will miss java for sure😭


@Burey will run that example later.


https://code.sololearn.com/WH9t2lUzQyAu/?ref=app done :)


Kotlin is fully interoperable with clean Java code. This means you can use Kotlin along with Java. Hope we'll see it in a Sololearn course soon. By the way Google announced first-class support for Kotlin on Android recently.


Yes i am also wana to learn it on sololearn


@Aaron Sarkissian Google took this decision not because Java is shitty language. They were looking for an alternative since Oracle sued Google For using Java APIs


Kotlin is nothing but a java library and it also runs like java only anywhere. So it does not mean that java is losing ground to other languages. It's java only on which kotlin has been built. So according to me java should be learned first (enough to handle simple tasks) and then we should go for kotlin.


maybe Google could buyout Java and have Kotlin take its' place.. eventually, without support for further research and development, it will become obsolete. sideNote: Many aspects of global society can become obsolete rather quickly these days considering the increasingly rapid pace of technological development currently witnessed on news media. (this only personal musing, no facts)


The syntax seems like a mixture of Java and JavaScript , looks good until now.


Kotlin looks good 😍


Rip java....😭 And of couse right after I start learning it Lets hope Kotlinfx is as good as javafx edit: after having more knowledge of kotlin... it will NOT replace Java


I think sololearn should add kotlin to its list of programming languages


Congratulations for post of the day BTW


Don't worry java developers,you can use Java in Android development and also can use kotlin.kotlin is also an official language as java.kotlin supports java framework as well.using both become code much stronger. ->if we have 20 lines of code in Java , same output can be generated using 5-6 lines of code in kotlin. ->kotlin reduces complexity. ->much easier to learn than java. #In my point of view better to learn both java and kotlin, because both uses jvm that converts to byte code.