How i can use wcf,wpf and n-tier in a single project?

i know how to make wpf,wcf and n-tier but how to merge can anyone tell me?


5/17/2017 4:39:50 AM

priya bagde

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1- create a new wcf project that include functionality with the database (crud) create ,read , update , delete from tables, depends on your system needs. 2-create a new wpf project and add new reference to wcf object , then from your wpf project you can call the functions you created at the wcf.


Your question is not that clear , but from what i understood if you would like to use other objects that are exist in other projects you should create a reference to this objects from your current project so you can use them.


suppose that we have to make a project on vehile insurance system for 4 wheeler on WPF. All the basic functionalities are in wcf services and consumer application is on wpf. CLient can register by choosing the insurance system. There are 2 tables insurance scheme info (fieldname,insuranceid as a primary key,scheme name,insurance amount, premium amount)and vehicle registration info(fieldname,reg no. as a primary key,insurance id asa foreign key, vechile type- automatic or non automatic, coustomer name, mobile no.).i think that firstly creation of stored procedure .but how to creat wcf and creat a method for addscheme & vechile reg by operation contract. also wpf using 3 textbox, 2 botton. also using wpf 2 ddl , 2 textbox. can anyone tell me how to solve this?


yup i will try