Why not to teach programming languages on all schools?

The future of basic education must be changed!

5/17/2017 3:59:49 AM

Anibal Lopes

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I concur. Make it compulsory! Force people to do GOOD! >:D


My classmate used to be really into coding but gave up after 1 week, he changed his dreams, yeah it might be good for others but others will be forced to learn it


It should be offered, but I wouldn't make it mandatory. Without different career streams, who would developers build applications for? Until we make robots do our bidding and life ends in a robot apocalypse, we will continue to rely on each other and our different skill sets. For example, i can easily build a website or application... but can I build a house? Nope.


in India Basic programming & HTML is taught in 6 grade (10 yrs old) C programming in 7 Grade (11 years) Java programming is taught from 8th Grade (12 years)


Einstein once said that "if you judge a fish's intelligence by it's ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it is stupid" so it shouldn't be forced but it should definitely be an option to choose in all schools


Anybody can learn to code but not anybody can solve problems. It should be optional, not compulsory, much like mathematics. I predict this'll become a reality in the next decade, but with a very high-level language that's very simple.


Teach in all, Yes. Compulsory to study, NO. After all, it may not be that everyone will find it as a good idea. However. If something should be made compulsory, it should be basic troubleshooting


yeah its a good idea.... many innovative students will get the scope... in our school we are taught java but its compulsory and most of the students find it very boring and hard...... what is the use of teaching them..... so programming should be an optional subject in all educational institutions......😃😃😃😃


I want from government to listen to Bill Gates ☺ More kids should learn to program https://youtu.be/EwxSPm9rNSQ



i was so much passionate in childhood but due to some problems i had to give up n now i have started learning online n by books by myself.😂😂


Programming as an option, certainly. But some basic computer skills should be mandatory such as: understand how to (and the importance of) backup, upgrade and patching, strong password, protect yourself from fraud and scam, and some basic install/uninstall +how to look for things on the internet....


I Agree That There Should Be Programming Languages Taught But Not To Force Someone To Learn It Maybe Their Hobbies Or Their Dreams Are Different And They Will Never Learn A Single Thing By Force ness Because They Won't Be Interested.


Is a matter of development of the human brain, to increase logical skills and prepare to the future of cyberworld


Edit: Rant start() I can't speak for all of America, but the places I have lived have never really cared to include things in school curriculum that was focused other than pig skin kicking, welding your tractor, and well y'all get the idea. Sure they all had the basic ABC's and 123's, but really never felt forward focused. Sad part is I don't see America as a whole adopting coding as a learning path for 2 reasons 1. Currently Americans can order just about anything and never have to think/wonder about production. End User state. Why spend tax money on programs teaching things basic life doesn't require. Sure leave it as electives and such for high schools and college, but children don't need to have the lessons. 2. I was going to write a second, but kinda tied 1 and 2 together nicely. to lazy at 3 in the morn to rewrite. moving on. Soon I think coding in the populace will become more wide spread, but as already pointed out automated systems will have to become more prevalent to release people from mind numbing work schedules. That and figure out a way to keep those people housed and financed now that some automation just started receiving their paycheck. So automation and paying people after laying them off or reshuffling??? In the end and above all schools We are the internet. We cross borders and economy's. We hear and speak across nations to both open and closed minded alike. If letting the public have a greater access to coding lessons is the goal tell your friend about this app. It worked for you right? You're here now reading this. Look at the amount of resources for coders. These community's are people and person based, not giant organization's. Schools might someday give basics, but it will always be the Internet's job to sustain itself from now on.


Yes Obviously It Is !QuietSea.


If schools did make it a necessary subject and even if the students didn't want to be programmers then the skills would still help them with problem solving. I wish I was given the opportunity to program when I was in school.


I mean, if my high school knew how to code, that would be really scary.


I am from India and I am learning java and C++ now . When I am in class 11 (16 years) but still I always was curious about making games and programming so I always stayed updated and learned everything on my own. So I think it doesn't matters what you are taught, you can lean on your own.


Mandatory e-education not just programming. This is the future!