Which one should I learn first? JavaScript or php?

Web development

5/16/2017 8:08:20 PM

onyobi michael

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If you aim at Webdevelopement as a whole, then it doesn't matter because you will need both(: Javascript is for Front End Developement ( Browser interaction ) and PHP is for Back End Developement ( Server ) Edit: For the people that disliked my answer because I said he needs PHP: He was asking about php + JavaScript and not about nodejs or anything like that. So I told him he will need both if he want to do front and back-end developement. No need to dislike because of that lol. It's like saying "buy a boat" when asking "Should I buy a car or a motorcycle first?"


Really depends, JavaScript is for adding client-side functions and interactive elements while PHP is more protected and works with databases such as SQL. A highly-graduated professional recommended me to do it in this order: - HTML - CSS - JavaScript - SQL - jQuery - Ruby - PHP ( For combining all courses)


Do you want to make games?


I sugest JavaScript first.




u should learn first JavaScript..its also come first😀 also its frontend but php is backend.so learn php later.


It doesn't matter which one you learn first, either way you can become a full-stack web developer, by attempting javascript first you can highly target the client-side development but javascript has evolved to take care of the server-side development as well, the biggest advantage of learning php first would be that you're gonna be acquainted with server-side scripting before you know enough javascript!!


Learn Javascript first. Learn the basic ( syntax, language ecosystem etc) as much as you can. Don't worry about back-end yet. If you learn Javascript, you can use NodeJS for the back-end. Javascript covers both front-end and back-end.  You can always learn a language for back-end later if you want. :)


You should learn javascript first. It's one of the main languages for web development.


javascript then php


OK, thanks


javascript...bcoz its frontend


I want to go for web development


I think you should learn php firstly because you need to learn algorithm of codes best wishes friend.


I learned Javascript first and find it more "fun". I think it's also easier to use, particularly initially. Outside of this site, you have to download php if you want to use it and likely will want to get it connected with mySQL and a server. Javascript files just need to be sourced in an HTML file, there are other sites which allow you to do Front End Websites with Javascript and its even the default language when you use the <script> element in html. But Php can do some pretty awesome things, so it's really up to you.


if you plan is to become a web developer, javascript is necessary, but not php. you can use js for backend as well with node.js


if you have sql experience you can learn js and php together


The simplest way , I believe, is to go: 1. html 2. CSS 3. JavaScript 4. SQL 5. PHP <- note! then you have really high chances to understand what you want to create .. what are you after here ...


@Apel thanks btw i have a very tiny idea about node though!


I suggest JavaScript.