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Code of the day actually from codepen?

Oliver knoblich uploaded the original on November, 2015 Shraddha uploaded on April, 2017

5/16/2017 3:39:30 PM


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What the....? Well, it's ok as she added those fireworks :)


How to get the COTD step by step for dummies: 1) Open 2) Search "Canvas/SVG Animations" 3) Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V


There's nothing we could do in this case :\


The last COTD was also copied (apparently), that was the reason Agus Mei left 😞


Whatever it is, The user "Shraddha" seems to have quit 12 days ago. I do agree that working on someone else's code without crediting them is indeed plagiarism. And also, before the fireworks were added, it still said "Developed by Shraddha". Too bad, I thought it was unique and original.


Let's see what Armina says in this case ;) I'm gonna mail to them...


@Tim Yeah! ^^


@Tim If she added fireworks it's okay, it's not steal/copy because she has modifed the code. Google is a big resources and we all use it for our codes! The problem is that the initial project was made in Codepen, and @shradda did not give credits to the original author. :)


Erm. What do we call that stuff for building new things atop existing ones? Innovation. Yeah. Case closed. :D *Deep breath* *Mutters to self* ...Nice save...


Just thought I'd put this up here, stir some heat: Fireworks were taken from here: Note* Some of it was modified to fit how her code works.


@Tim G. In your opinion, should we wait for a response from Shraddah before reporting? Asking for your thoughts on behalf of courtesy. :> There was also once when few of us thought that @Tristian McCullen had a few copied codes, only for him to clarify that those were collaborative projects of his.


@Sachin, she added this alert AFTER this thread. ;)


Well OK then. Report squad 1, on me.


alert ("SUPER MOON occurs when the moon is on the closes orbit to the Earth, resulting in the largest apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from Earth.\nDo you like the magnificant Super Moon like i do? \nPlease like and share if you like my Super Moon and do suggest more ideas ;) \n Added fireworks - suggested by @Geoffrey Levenez. \nInspired by a code i came across here")


@Tim, She is female πŸ˜… and I agree with you πŸ™‚ with last line you said


@Hatsy Rei. I don't see her/him pointing out that it was build on top of someone others code. I only see "developed by shraddah"


@Maz, hey, didn't you read alert in her code???


@Tim, sometimes we forget to do things, I usually forget the resources I use to make my projects, I just tell people that that and those resource are copied from somewhere in the Internet, but specifically I don't mention, however I comment on code before copying to let them know that they helped me a lot with that code.


#last @shraddha I responded to you on your code.


@sachin Artani seems like she never intended to give oliver credit and she just did so now to save her ass or something i don't think she forgot to put it in