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Border color

how can i change the border color? <img src = "" height = "250" width = "300" border =/>

5/15/2017 10:09:20 PM


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use rule: border-color: red; // styles all the borders to red border-color: red green; // styles top and bottom to red, the others to green border-color: red green blue; // styles top to red right and left to green and bottom to blue border-color: red green blue yellow; // styles top to red, right to green, bottom to blue and left to yellow.


include in your IMG class and assign it: border: 1px solid red; in css file For example: Border color <img src = "" height = "250" width = "300" class="border_color" /> <style> .border_color{border-color: 1px solid red;} </style>


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