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How long will it take to "master" a programming language?

Hi. I'm a 21 years old university student. I started learning programming with JavaScript about 2 months ago. Since it was fun I studied several langauges(lua, vba, c++, autohotkey, html, jquery, ruby, css...) hard(It was rellay really hard) in my spare time. But I still couldn't finish even 1 language and this fact makes me depressed. Please help me. I lost my motivation...

5/15/2017 12:34:54 PM


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always go with one language till most of the thing is complete in the language. don't worry age doesn't matter.


@MR Progammer Thank you for your advice.


@Sabrina Aviles Thank you. I'll never give up.


@Manual No, I'm majoring in automotive engineering. Coding is just for fun i mean hobby(at first)


@nouseforname Thanks. I thought I am too slow. Maybe I was too greedy.


It depends on how long you practice to code. There are times that when you code for a long time but then you don't practice it especially when you study different languages, that's when you will forgot some of the codes. Just keep practicing! Cheers* PS: I'm no master, too. :)


You should focus at one project first and learn the basics. Then get some idea what to do with it. Start a small project and finish it. During the process you will get more and more ideas. And sooner or later other lanugages will appear. Actually, my personal thinking is, if you learned one main language, it's easy to adopt to other languages as well. Cause all using mainly the same logics and even syntacs or at least main words (if, else, int, double,+.. etc) are quite similiar to handle. Don't expect to learn the whole thing in 2 month just cause you handle the tutorials here all. You will never stop learning new things, new ways of programming. "Master" a language maybe never happens, but you will be able to handle it and get good results soon. Never forget, there are many ways of getting the same result. And getting experienced needs time.


Are you in university for computer science?