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Codes and videogames questions

Yo! I went into the coding world for videogames but I realised I'm still quite confused. I know there are programs (ie Rpgmaker) and engines (ie Unreal) but. Just how does it work? I suppose lots of big name in the industy don't create everything from scratch. What's the most used language? And just for curiosity how long is an actual game code? If I were to create one what tools should I use for starter? And last, how much difference is there in videogames as phone apps? (like say KH X)

5/14/2017 2:10:04 PM


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Happy to help @Ryuen! 😀😀😀


Focus or C#, C++ & JAVA. That's all!


Well if you want an example of how long a game is in terms of lines of code; an 18 years old 3d game, Quake 3, was 229k lines of code. Doom 3, which came out in 2004, was over 600k lines. So if you want to make one you should absolutely start with a game engine like UE 4.15 (C++) or Unity (C# or Javascript) otherwise it is going to be way too complex and long for you.


I have been making a shopping list app for only a few days and it already has 150 lines of code lol. And it barely does what I intend it to do when I release it. (By the way, I'm making it in Java on NetBeans).


That's alot of questions.. C++ is used by most "Pros" and most major engines. C# is used by Unity and my recommendation if android games is your goal. Java, Python, and all the other languages can also make games. If you are new to programming, start with python to learn the basics. once you have a good grasp, then I would decide between the more game specific languages. How much code is in a game, well ALOT.. In the last few weeks I have made an android game. It is a very simple game as I am learning Unity. It has 8 different c# scripts the main one that runs most things is quite large. hundreds of lines


unreal engine / unity engine; these software has inbuilt graphics , physcisc , colliders , audio library , multiplayer libraries and much more. thats why most of the game companies use these software. unity , unreal has spent many years to build a perfect game engine. how can you build them: you have​ to be good at phy , maths .


It really is alot of work. but if your anything like me, it will be more fun than work. Each little thing I add to my games takes a long time, but I love doing it.

+3 This guy does unity3s tutorials. I recommend learning c# and listening to this guy. he does a great job of explaining things in understandable ways


@Biraj Patel: That, I can do! thanks! @Kyle Broflovski: Thank you for your answer! That's a good overview, it helped and I'll keep it in mind. and wow! I mean it makes sense but sure seems a lot of work. Now I know what I'm in for ahah. Good luck with your game!


@Kyle Broflovski I think it'll probably be just like that! I bet it'll be so satisfing to play the finished game. Again, good luck with yours, I'm sure it'll be great! @MR Programmer Thank you for answering!! You helped clearing up more things. I'll definetly learn more about both engines! They seems like the full package ahah And oh I didn't expect physics to come up here! But it makes sense. Cool thing I'm probably going to do a Physics course at university!


@Kyle Oooh that's awesome! Thank you for sharing! That'll help a lot @Xander Wow that's interesting! i hope it'll work, good luck!


@Helioform Thank you for your answer and for clarifying! It helped a lot. Those are some very impressing numbers. Seems like I'll have to start by looking up tutorials and stuff for said engines :D