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How can I do challenges from my computer? I don't find where is it on the website.

5/12/2017 1:33:04 PM

ayal matas

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Web version doesn't contain challenge part. For challenges use the app. Of course you could emulate android on your pc.


Please make all the option of SoloLearn available for the Web Version. It's better on the Web and faster in a computer.


Yes please make it available on the site !!!!!!


Won't most coding work be done on computer? Why aren't the challenges on the computer so that we can practice like we are studying to perform?


Yes, make all features available on the web, please. Thanks!


This would be so nice! Please Sololearn, add the challenges to the web version.




Dude, this is ridiculous.


Still nothing . . . Why do you make people install emulators? show some respect!


Unable to find challenge section in phone😔


I am on Ubuntu and using Gynomotion. Please refer to for this purpose


♾ how do you write it on pc? press windows logo and period or fullstop at the same time. Also where is the challanges page


use bluestacks App player for windows


Thank you!


what about for linux?


Gynomotion does not appear to be free. Are there free/open source options to run the App on Ubuntu?


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Challenge feature is not available for Web version, it is only supported on App version. However, you can install Android in your PC, or install Android Emulator to do it. Try Nox App Player. It’s works best on PC. You can play any Android Game or run any Android Apps using Nox.


May be that's because some challengers may just copy and paste the code from the question into an IDE and answer correctly to get more XP's.This is a little tricky on mobile apps.


if (File.Exists ("names.txt")) { File.AppendAllText("names.txt" , "David" ); }