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Forgetting what it is like to be a beginner

On various programming sites and places I visit* I often encounter programmers with what can only be described as deep seated superiority complex syndrome. I often wonder how these people managed to forget or repress how they felt when they first started to learn a new skill. Have you ever experienced these types of programmers? If so, what is your theory on why these people display this type of behaviour? * not very many encountered at sololearn

5/12/2017 7:41:57 AM


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(warning: do not take it seriously. just showing you the mindset) speaking as a very self centered, selfish person: why would I waste time helping you? I got to this point with all the info currently available and so you should be able to too. and if you can't, there is something wrong with you and you're probably dumb. if you talk to me, you must be at my level because I don't associate with dumb people. otherwise your methods are inferior and deserve to be mocked and laughed at. I would never be as pathetic as you. it's obvious but you just don't get it, and you're too stupid to learn it, and this aspect of yourself obviously leaks into every other part of your life. you don't take the time to know what I do. you will never be as good as me.


@Ahri: hahaha wow! that type must be a blast at parties


@Gavin: I find that position (if they do indeed hold that in their minds) to be a strange contradiction. They do not like to help others, yet they themselves undoubtedly relied on other people helping them to gain the knowledge they have.


I seriousky dont lime people who boast. They are forgetting that they used to be like that. We all came from begginers. No one is born good.


Behaviour is the first thing they should improve. Quick Fact: Japanese Kids only start having exams at the age of 10 Why? They improve the childrens' behaviour first




It might just be their personality, some people like to help others and some people don't.


Well @jay, i personally avoid people like that. yes they might be good but behaviour like that is exactly what keeps you from greatness. There are plenty of other people that are helpful and will help you to become great yourself one day so that you can also help someone else.


Definitely, yeah. Some people just feel like they're too good to talk to a noob