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Photoshop and Coding

Can we do our half of website work in photoshop and other work through coding.

5/10/2017 8:21:03 PM

Suyash Purwar

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Yes of course. Photoshop for the design and Coding for the website itself.... This is webaite are made... Half design, half coding... Without design, the website would look bad... Without coding, there wouldnt be a website


Image work would represent half of website work in a use of framework process... but it's widely less in a "real" creative/innovative website coding ^^ A "real" coder will feel more productive to do most of styling directly with code, and populate it with art work at final time... doing ( or asking to graphic artist ) images work adapted to code work rather than doing code work adapted to image work :P


Not sure what you mean. You can come up with a design in photoshop and then extract any assets you may need or would have trouble recreating with html & css. Photoshop does not generate code for you, it's only for editing image files.