I've been trying to make first example program work for about an hour now and I've re-typed it multiple times but it still gives me the same error ExampleProgram.java:3: error: cannot find symbol System.out.printIn("Hello World"); And the arrow is pointing at the period (.) after out. Anyone can help me?

public class ExampleProgram{ public static void main (String[]args){ System.out.printIn("Hello World"); } }

8/14/2016 3:30:04 AM

Gene Lee

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Man your code confused me for a bit, then I copy pasted it and it became obvious. Your I in println is wrong. Keep in mind, it's short for PRINT LINE, so PRINTLN. I'm capping so you can see the correct letter. PRINTiN is what your code has. just change the i to an l


i also tried that's why i saying just try to edit prinln you got the ans...


just re write the println ... their is a mistake...


there's no error, it's a good start. there might be some problem with your phone or while installing the application.i have tried exactly the same program of yours and it runs successfully.


i've the same issu, and I resolved modifying this lines ...(string args []) ...printIn ("hello word");


you to have included the import statement import java.io.*; which will include input output package.. this package has these System.out.println(" "); Here System is a class . will invoke the class System out is an object . will invoke the object out println() is a function


you have written a wrong symbol "void main "{".type a"(" instead of that.i think it will run then