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How one can learn hacking?

We all know what hacking is, we know how cool it is, but only few people know what it really is & how it's done... So if anybody knew please enlighten me...

5/10/2017 4:32:56 PM


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Try this:



watch this video. more than 15 hours in tutorial.


well, first and foremost, if hearing the word hacking brings the image of a guy slapping the shit out of the keyboard from the movies, drop that thought. done? ok let's move on. to learn hacking, you need to have a strong networking knowledge (assuming you are talking about hacking on the internet). You need to learn the procedure behind the loading of a webpage. Why you ask? because that's where all the hackers do there magic. when a request to a website is made, the hackers use tools to perform a "packet sniffing" which means to pry into the data being sent to the web server and getting recieved from the server. so, long story short, learn networking.